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Lighthouse Liability Solutions is a full service liability management with proven success in reducing liabilities without any capital, and effectively transferring assets through an ever changing regulatory system.
Lighthouse Liability Solutions can handle all your regulatory needs.

Asset Retirement Obligation (ARO) - Liability Assessments
Lighthouse provides detailed and independent liability assessments to create an accurate financial model associated with the decommissioning of wells, facilities, and pipelines associated to an asset or entire corporation. Driven by decades of experience, our team focuses on creating a realistic and sustainable financial model that can be executed with confidence. ARO models are not simple and can be manipulated with discretion. Lighthouse provides transparency to liabilities so licensees can be prepared for all upcoming ARO projects.
Licensee Liability Rating (LLR) – Forecasting and Reductions
Licensees are assigned a liability rating based on the sum of the corporate licensed production and the sum of its total deemed liabilities. Lighthouse has intensive experience creating LLR models for entire corporations or specific assets. Through forecasting production growth and the scheduled decommissioning projects, LLR models are developed to ensure that assets can sustain a responsible corporate retirement strategy.
Wellbore Abandonments – Programming through Execution
Our experts provide decades of experience in abandoning wellbores throughout the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin. From straight forward shallow gas wells to complex, over pressured, highly sour, archaic wellbore involving complex surface casing vent flows, and multi-formation abandonments. Our pre-abandonment thorough assessments help design the abandonment programs and provide highest chance of success on exceeding expectations and budgets.
Pipeline and Facility Abandonments – Maximizing Efficiencies
Our team is highly experienced in abandoning both facilities and pipelines. We handle the entire process from the regulatory notifications, cost estimating, and coordination of the execution. By utilizing the most modern technologies, pipelines and facilities are now being abandoned with tremendous cost savings in comparison to historical methods.

Lighthouse Liability Solutions

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