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Lighthouse Liability Solutions is a full service liability management with proven success in reducing liabilities without any capital, and effectively transferring assets through an ever changing regulatory system.
Lighthouse Liability Solutions can handle all your regulatory needs.

Workovers and Stimulations – Design, Planning, and Execution
Our team focuses on creating value and maximizing production of each well servicing operation. There is no production system we haven’t worked on, through conventional pumping oil wells to high volume lift, we design and reactivate wells for maximum run times. With each well servicing operation, we seek opportunities in recompletions from chemical stimualtions, hydraulic fracturing, and accessing missed pay.
Completions – Design, Planning, and Execution
Our team designs the completion by first understanding the reservoir, the life cycle of the assets, and then tailoring the completion program. Each reservoir has specific characteristics which are considered prior to drilling well. Our team integrates with technical teams to ensure the completion is suitable for the geology and best production practices for the duration of the lifetime of the asset. Our team has decades of completion experience from conventional verticals to multi horizontal well pad, over pressures, multistage fracking, in high H2S environments.
With safety as a top priority, Lighthouse programs, procures, approves, coordinates, supervises, and reports all aspects of the completion. In addition, we supply, review, and advise on Directive 83/IRP 24 hydraulic fracturing notifications.
Drilling - Programming, Planning, and Execution
Our experience gets wells drilled, on-budget, on-time, and safely. Our team ensures the operation is being conducted so the reservoir will deliver the best possible outcome. By completing detailed offset reviews, we cooperatively tailor the design of the well to fit the end use of the wellbore. Wells are to be drilled for a 30 year lifeline, and we work all hours to make sure the drilling operation delivers a high quality asset. Our team designs, procures, approves, negotiates, licenses, and reports so all regulatory approvals are both obtained and met.
Pipeline Reactivations – Routine and non-routine applications
The industry has focused on ensuring pipelines are compliantly operated and discontinued in order to prevent releases. Our team reactivates pipelines by completing Engineering Assessments ensuring the lines are fit for service. We handle the notifications, supervision of the operation, specific pressure testing recommendations, CSA compliant Engineering Assessments, and regulatory support to obtain license amendments.
Field Production Operations Supervision and Coordination
The Lighthouse team has operated assets throughout the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin and the United States and is currently managing 1,000’s of barrels of production for a variety of licensees. By integrating within the field staff we help manage, report, and optimize production.

Our staff understands the regulations and we respect safe work operations while working to maximize netbacks by reducing operating costs.

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