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Lighthouse Liability Solutions is a full service liability management with proven success in reducing liabilities without any capital, and effectively transferring assets through an ever changing regulatory system.
Lighthouse Liability Solutions can handle all your regulatory needs.

LMR Audits

Lighthouse Liability Solution continuously strives to protect assets from an imperfect system. Allow our team to fully review your LMR assets and liabilities.

There are numerous ways to improve an LMR without capital and our team has the expertise to identify and remove liabilities through applications to the AER.

Our team has proven to reduce liabilities through administration reviews. Recently a corporate LMR was reduced by over 10%, over $1,200,000, without any capital or field expenses.

Asset Acquisitions and Disposition Support

As of June 20th, 2016 all new license transfers will be processed as non-routine, and must demonstrate evidence that the transferee will be able to meet their obligations throughout the life cycle of energy development.

Allow our specialists to provide a full documented review of the acquisition or disposition to ensure that there are no interruptions in the transfer process. Our team will document the full development and abandonment schedule to demonstrate that the licensee will be able to meet their obligations of compliantly abandoning and reclaiming assets.

Engineering Assessments for Pipeline Transfers

Effective April 1st, 2016 all records must be collected and retained for pipeline license transfers. If relevant records incomplete, the pipeline must be proven to be fit for service through an engineering assessment.

Allow our specialists to cost effectively review your pipeline records and if necessary will perform an Engineering Assessment as per CSA Z662 standards. Our Engineering Assessments evaluate the risk of existing pipelines to ensure integrity is maintained as per the necessary requirements.

Inactive Well Scheduling

Wells, facilities, and pipelines are required to be managed when no longer in service. Allow our team to regularly review your assets and develop a schedule of to retire wells, pipelines, and facilities as per the regulations.

Our team is experienced in all aspects of retiring assets and can optimize the scheduling of the Inactive Well Compliance Program (IWCP).
Don’t let your company suffer by falling into non-compliance.

Project Management and Engineered Abandonment Programs

Our team is highly experienced in abandonments from routine shallow gas vertical wells to non-routine complex abandonments requiring regulatory pre-approval. Our detailed abandonment programs consist of all required detailed procedures and costs to safely complete the project.

Lighthouse Liability Solutions

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